Incontinence Care

Incontinence is the loss of bladder control due to the weakening of the muscles in or around the bladder. This condition is quite common among seniors due to old age. Caring for your loved ones with incontinence is not an easy task. This condition can lead to consequences if not treated properly. You must consider how to protect your loved ones from infections by carefully maintaining the environment they live in.

If you have a busy work schedule but are still committed to providing the best care for your loved ones, then Home Sweet Home Incontinence Care Services is here to help you out. We have professionally trained professionals who provide personalized care to our clients with incontinence or poor bladder function. They are well-versed with the nursing care procedures and cure for incontinence. So you can assure that highly trained and professional caregivers deliver the care your loved ones need. We will also assist you in identifying the underlying causes of this condition so that you can prevent them from recurring.

Home Sweet Home Incontinence Care Services also provides the option for our clients who are bedridden or need to be housed in a nursing home. Our caregivers have knowledge on how to care for your loved ones with bad incontinence without any complications. So you can rest assured that your aging loved ones are receiving the best care available and always at their fingertips through our services. Our certified caregivers are available seven days a week for all your needs in any part of Michigan.