Medication Reminders

Many older people tend to forget easily due to cognitive decline, and this condition may lead them to forget to take their medications if you are not there to remind them every time. Home Sweet Home Care offers medication reminders to avoid any adverse health consequences.

With our medication reminders service, we will regularly monitor your loved one’s medications, and if there are changes, you will be informed right away. You can also request us to remind your loved ones to take their medications at specific times. Home Sweet Home Care will educate the patient about their medications. We will keep track of all the prescription medicines, over-the-counter remedies, and dietary supplements that the person takes. We will also make sure that the patient takes their medication according to the doctor’s instructions and not share it with other people.

We give them the right to refuse their medication if they do not feel good. We also confirm the amount of time for which we will have to monitor them before we can stop what we are doing. We guarantee to keep a record of our patients’ medication use and progress, so there is no possibility of error. Even if you cannot be at home with your loved one, our nurses will organize their medications so that you can be more confident about their health.

If you have any questions regarding our medication reminders service, please do not hesitate to call our office at 248-234-6673.