Personal Care Services

People often take for granted the things they do every day, like climbing stairs, taking care of personal hygiene and even just getting out of bed in the morning. But these things can become major challenges as you age. In many cases, loved ones think the only solution is to put their older family members into nursing homes.

Bathing and Dressing

Old age will cause your loved ones' physical mobility and cognitive ability to decline and cause them to be unable to bath or dress. We can assist with dressing and bathing so that your family member or loved one can maintain the independence your loved ones have enjoyed throughout their lifetime.

Incontinence Care

Incontinence in the elderly brings a whole host of concerns in regards to hygiene and cleanliness. Our caregivers will ensure that your aging loved ones are able to remain dry, clean, and comfortable throughout the day.

Light Housekeeping and Laundry

When your loved ones are incapable of performing daily chores, we provide light cleaning assistance. Our caregivers will help them with basic household tasks such as cleaning and dusting.

Light Meal Preparation

As the world's population ages, more people find it hard to prepare their meals as easily as they have in the past. If your loved one struggles to do this activity, our caregivers can prepare their meals for them in a timely manner.

Maintaining Calendars /Appointments

As your older family members or loved ones' health declines, they may forget several things they need to do. And making appointments can be a challenge as well. If your loved one forgets an appointment or two, you may need to find some way to fulfill these obligations. Providing your loved one with a caregiver will assist your loved ones with maintaining their appointments and records, thus keeping their routine activities.

Medication Reminders

If your senior loved ones are on prescription medications, there may be times when they forget to take their medicine. These memories may become more and more difficult as the years' pass. Our caregivers will assist with remembering to take their medication regularly.

Respite Care for Family Members

Even if you or your family member is enthusiastic enough to provide utmost care to an aging loved one or other older people. There will be times they will experience burnout and stress. So it is at this time, we can help by providing you with a reliable caregiver who will assume your role in taking care of your elderly loved ones while you take a break and rejuvenate yourself from burnout.