Toileting and other Personal Hygiene

One of the biggest challenges a caregiver will encounter when caring for an elderly person is maintaining their physical needs, especially their toileting and other personal hygiene needs. When you don’t have the knowledge or equipment to maintain your parents’ hygiene care, it can become a problem that keeps you up at night. This is why Home Sweet Home Care offers this service as one of our home care services. It will give your patient the peace of mind of knowing they’re getting all their care needs taken care of in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Our caregivers are carefully selected and trained and offer the personal care services your loved ones need. We are committed to providing an outstanding level of customer service, and we are also committed to our business practices. Our caregivers are experienced and licensed with the proper certifications and credentials in order to meet your needs.

We understand that you are only the best for your loved ones, so we will do everything necessary to make sure that you’re satisfied with our home care services. To avail of this service, you only need to contact us via email or phone at 248-234-6673 to schedule an appointment with one of our expert caregivers that will help you out with all your personal care needs.